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General & Business English

This program is designed for all levels including a master class. There's a heavy focus on developing listening and oral skills right from the outset. Business English, which is part of the syllabus for all levels, introduces you to business writing, the language of meetings, and to negotiation tactics.

The General & Business English class can be taught to different levels at the same time. Mixed groups are therefore welcome. We will use portable listening labs with headphones and can thus run various audio programs simultaneously.

Material will be allocated according to the results of a Placement Test. Each participant may write two English for Business exams at the end of the program. Your better result will be verified and you will get a certificate which reflects your level according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. For a syllabus, please click on the box below.

Legal English

My law summaries show how the law operates and thus ensure the accurate use of the terminology. The intensive courses are designed for non-native speakers and cover the law most professionals deal with. Listening tasks are taken from real law school lectures. Upon request you will be introduced to both the Cambridge ILEC and the TOLES Advanced exam format.

You can cope with my Legal English Programs if you score 70% or higher in my Quick Placement Test - General English. Confirm your result by doing my Range of Vocabulary - General English test (click home button first). For a table of contents, please click on the corresponding box.

Quick Placement Test

Figure out your level of competence in less than 5 minutes (with answers). Please select:

General English

Level: beginner - proficient user

Legal English

Level: advanced

  • Sample Workfile - Download

    My workfile "Legal English" comprises 57 pages (DIN A 4) including an answer key. You can get a sample here.

  • ESL Examinations - Review

    The selective job market rewards people who attain the internationally required standards. Compare and contrast ESL exams.